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Coude Tip Catheter vs Straight Tip Catheter

Over 25 million Americans suffer from incontinence. Most people associated incontinence with old age, but injuries, illness, and other factors can all affect continence. Intermittent catheters, or short-term catheters, are used at various times throughout the day to help empty your bladder periodically. If you’ve recently been prescribed an intermittent catheter, you might wonder about your [Read More….]


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I just received my new catheters and couldn't be happier! Aeroflow's customer service representative really went above and beyond to make sure the process was quick and easy.
"My husband gets his medical supplies from Aeroflow. If we didn't like or trust them, we wouldn't put his health in their hands."
"I appreciate them calling me each month to ensure I don't forget to order supplies. I don't always remember, but they do!"
"Aeroflow had a great selection and they were very kind and helpful on the phone. Great people to do business with!"

"Aeroflow was very professional and helpful! The customer service was great. After making my order it arrived in only two days. Couldn't be more pleased!"