Catheter Brands

We know how important it is to find a catheter type that meets your individual needs. Because of this, we carry a wide range of catheter brands and types – all featuring the best in technology, comfort and ease-of-use. Learn more about our catheter brands and how our team can help you.

You may be using a catheter because you’re not able to urinate on your own, you suffer from urinary incontinence (leakage) or you need to give your bladder or urethra time to heal. Medical issues such as prostate enlargement, prostate cancer surgery, radiation therapy, blockages or narrowing of the urethra can all result in needing a catheter.

Based on your specific needs, there is a catheter brand and type that will work for you. At Aeroflow Healthcare, we provide the expertise you need to find the right catheter for your body.

We know that it can be a trying  and daunting experience to determine which catheter brand and type best suits you. We provide you with all of the details and information you need on the top catheter brands and can help you make an informed decision to ensure you’re feeling your best.

Aeroflow Healthcare offers a wide variety of catheter brands to fit your lifestyle, diagnosis, and preferences. We offer catheter supplies from Cure, Teleflex/Rusch, Bard, Hollister, Coloplast, and MTG.

Along with providing you with advice and information on the top catheter brands available to you, we can also help you learn about your insurance coverage options. You may be eligible to receive your catheter supplies at little-to-no cost to you through insurance.

Medicare and Medicaid may pay for an allowable amount of your catheter supplies each month. North Carolina Medicaid patients are eligible to receive up to 200 intermittent catheters each month, with Medicare and most private insurance companies doing the same.

To find out if you qualify for catheters through your insurance, simply complete our Qualify Through Insurance form and one of our Patient Care Representatives will verify your insurance and contact you to discuss your coverage and catheter options.

If you or someone you know needs catheters or catheter supplies, our team at Aeroflow Healthcare is happy to help you get exactly what you need. Give us a call today at 844-276-5588.


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"Aeroflow was very professional and helpful! The customer service was great. After making my order it arrived in only two days. Couldn't be more pleased!"